The Sex Tape Scandal

Formed in Chino, California, The Sex Tape Scandal has been spreading their version of sleazy glam since 2011. Influenced by the glam metal scene of the 1980s, hard rock, and searing modern metallic hardcore, The Sex Tape Scandal is the antidote to boring modern rock. Instead of playing it safe musically or lyrically, The Sex Tape Scandal has instead leaned into the filth and fun.

If you’ve been searching for a new band that melds all the sounds and attitudes of GG Allin, Motley Crue, Escape the Fate, and Led Zeppelin together in a tight, punchy, bombastic package that is both extremely modern and classic, The Sex Tape Scandal is the only band that will scratch that itch or satisfy your need for a fix.

They believe that in addition to the music, that any truly timeless rock and roll band needs to live the lifestyle. When you see them live, you’re in for a no-holds-barred debauched time that you’ll be talking about for a long time to come (if you can remember it!).

As a part of the Awfully Good Records family of hard rock/metal bands, The Sex Tape Scandal brings a dirty edge to the table that you won’t be able to shake. Stay tuned to this page for updates about the band, new merch, new music, and the latest tour dates. Awfully Good Records is proud to have The Sex Tape Scandal on board because we love their outlaw brand of sleazy, glammy, hardcore metal! We highly recommend that when the band comes to your city, you had better be there or you’ll miss the time of your life!   

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